A Smartphone That Becomes Ultrabook! A Good Patent From Samsung


Would you have said that smartphones would become Ultrabook one day?

We do not know if this patent will ever become reality, but we are sure that, if Samsung has filed, surely something will come of it (save that could get out of something very different, because you know that is not always the filing of a patent indicates plans future of this or that company .

Meanwhile, let’s take stock of the situation, and remember, that device is not fully convertible on the market so far and that interesting solutions have been proposed mainly by Asus the Padfone know them all.

The patent filed by Samsung shows us a smartphone that occasion becomes even Ultrabook it is an idea still lacks factual basis, but it could become a reality, given the versatility of Android and, above all, the power of the processors currently equipped smartphones on the market. When he became Ultrabook, the smartphone can switchare from Android to Windows and vice versa a great idea, the latter, given that Android will also be versatile, but in Windows desktop environment is unbeatable.

The transformation of the smartphone in Ultrabook should provide for the presence of the phone instead of the touchpad and hardware on your phone as an engine of the whole notebook seems really strange as a hypothesis, but only because we’re not used. We’ll see if Samsung will be able to bring to market this good news: of course, this update you.