Avoid these mistakes to make the best molded component

molded component

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer works very efficiently in producing the best quality molds and products. Many times, they end up producing the wrong or defective piece, which leads them to another round of work. But that doesn’t stop them, and they keep working by avoiding such mistakes. Avoiding and correcting such mistakes help them to produce them in producing the best product. It makes them the best plastic injection molding maker. There are many such companies in China which are known as the best companies for Plastic Injection Mold Making. One of such company’s website is https://www.jasonmolding.com/. They make sure that they deliver the quality molded component and in less turnaround time so that the product can be delivered timely to clients. But during all this processing, one has to go through many such mistakes. We will talk about those mistakes here. We will share with you about the Injection Molding Design and Process Mistakes which one should avoid.


One may notice that there are some thin layers on the molded part’s surface. And that thin layer is easy to peel off. This is a kind of defect in the molding which is known as Delamination. Generally, the Delamination is caused due to resin pellets getting contaminated because of any foreign material. If these two different materials are not being able to bond with each other properly, they result in the flaky separation or flaky surface layer. You can avoid this mistake by ensuring that the base material or the resin pellets are kept or stored properly. If it is caused due to excess of moisture, then one should go for pre-drying of the material.


It happens sometimes that you manufactured any mold and you see the different color streak appearing on it which is different than the main color. Sometimes, you will see this kind of discoloration only in one place. Sometimes, you will see such streaks on the complete mold in different molded parts. This is one such mistake which brings the change in the appearance of the molded part. If the residual resin is left in the nozzle or the hopper, it leads to discoloration. So, make sure that the hopper and the nozzle are cleaned properly, to avoid any such mistake.

Incorrect material selection during the mold tooling design

When you are building or designing the tools, you should take care of the thermal expansion of all the different types of materials which you use. If there will be big difference due to the thermal expansion, it will cause damage to the components. Whether it is aluminium, copper, or steel, know the thermal expansion coefficient of all.

Vacuum Voids in the finished molded component

If there are small vacuum voids, it can still be avoided. But if there are big vacuum voids, one cannot avoid that as they make the moded part weak. It happens because, instead of the molded material, the air is there below the molded part’s surface. The vacuum voids are nothing else but the air bubbles that are trapped in the finished molded components. If you want to become the best Plastic Injection Molding Maker China, you need to take care of these mistakes.