Best Webcams to Look Out For in 2016


As we live in a connected world, staying in touch through laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets becomes a necessity in our daily lives. Perhaps one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends, family, or colleagues is through a webcam. If you don’t own one of these gadgets, or you wish to replace your old camera, here are some of the highly rated webcams to look out for in 2016.

HP Webcam HD 5210
This webcam is attractively designed with a black front panel and two mics that come with auto-focus sensors. The three buttons on the top of this webcam control photo snapshots and video recording. When you activate this webcam, the HP logo lights up without being obtrusive. The HP 5210 model is easy to operate and comes with a quick start guide. To get started, you will need Vista, Windows 7, or XP. Your PC must also have at least 230mb of free hard disk space. To make high definition calls, install skype 5.1 or greater. With the help of this webcam, you will be able to activate video conferencing with your work colleagues via skype.

Logitech TV Cam HD
This webcam is a rectangular device with a tilted base, which is ideal for placing on a shelf. It measures 2 by 9 by 3 inches, making it small enough to comfortably fit on top of most PC screens. You can’t move the base left or right, but it can easily tilt up and down. The single lens on the front of the grilles covers the microphones, and at the back of the camera, you have the option of using the built-in Wi-Fi. Although there are no controls on this camera, you can still use the black plastic remote that is included with Logitech cam. The remote is pretty easy to use, with zoom in/out, back, and home buttons available on a large direction pad.

To enhance your Internet experience even further, try the super-fast fibre optic internet connection. You can chat with your loved ones without getting disconnected, upload your photos, add video links, and re-design your website using this fast Internet connection. Look for top-rated ISPs online and review their packages before proceeding.

Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam
There are many accessories that come with this webcam. The actual cam is a plastic ball, which needs to be attached to the base either directly or via a long plastic stem. Aside from these parts, you can also find an AC adapter, a remote control, and a USB charging cable. The remote control has a shiny plastic front panel and it lets you zoom in/out, tilt the camera, adjust the volume, mute, and even answer phone calls. The buttons on the remote are large and simple to find, even in the dimmest room. This high-tech webcam is not the cheapest on the market, but it is still extremely useful with many different features that are very easy to learn.