Factors to consider while hiring an injection mold manufacturing company


Looking for a company that provides custom injection molding? In China, many companies manufacture injection moldings. Some of these companies provide the molding made out of their designs. While there are some companies which provide customized moldings. One should ask the companies before only, whether they provide customized molding designs or not. If you are hiring a company for making custom plastic injection moldings, they must adhere to the rules and specifications mentioned by the company. Few things which you need to consider while hiring any injection molding company are mentioned below.

Annual Expectations

Will the mold making company be able to meet the annual expectations? One may require a mold manufacturing company that can handle the mold manufacturing of all the three classes. As the custom injection molds are generally prepared in Class 101, Class 102, and Class 103. All of these classes have different criteria. Be it about the process they use, about the material they use or the maintenance they require, it all varies. So, check if the company, you are hiring is able to meet these expectations or not.


In China, there are many China Plastic Injection Molding Maker companies. Some of them provide the warranty on the plastic molds. Whereas, some of them do not provide the warranty. So, always hire a company, which can provide you with a warranty on the plastic injection mold tools. Do not forget to read the warranty paper before finalizing anything, otherwise, you may regret later on. Like if they do not cover the maintenance of the mold tools, it can be a problem, so check all these things on the warranty paper.

Years of expertise

A very important thing which anyone would like to know before hiring the mold manufacturing company is the years of expertise. Know from how long they are supplying the injection molds or how long they are into the business. One can check this from the website also. But it will be good if you can see the relevant documents related to it. Knowing the years of expertise, not just helps in knowing the years of experience the company have. But it also helps in knowing how many Custom plastic injection molding supplies they have delivered successfully.

Delivery of the molds

The faster the work will be the more people will prefer to hire that company. There are some companies in China like https://www.jasonmolding.com/custom-injection-molding/, which are known for the fast and quick delivery of molds. Unlike other companies which believe in rapid tooling and delivers the mold quickly but they are not of the right quality. Companies like these do deliver the mold quickly and timely. But they also manage to maintain the quality of the molds.

Sample supply

Before the final delivery of the molds, the mold manufacturing supplier needs to get the mold validated. Mold validation is important to know whether it meets the specifications or not. Like if it is required for mold to cool for more seconds. But the sample mold supply provides the cooling for fewer seconds, it is not appropriate.