How To Interact With Your Followers More Using Twitter


among all the social networks, twitter has travelled the longest distance. It started its tour as a SMS messenger and then came into the field of social media. Now, it is one of the biggest platform for the social network users. Among all the social media networks, twitter is the most popular in the sense of celebrity use. Celebrities of all the fields engage themselves rigorously with twitter and through twitter alone, they get in touch with their followers. In one sense, where Facebook connects friends and like-minded people, Linked-in connects the professionals, twitter connects the followers with their dream. In connecting the fans with their idols, twitter is the best.

Features of twitter

Features in twitter never remain the same. This has been the social media site, which has always remained dynamic in its approach. The site was initially meant for texting alone. Later it upgraded to the picture and video sections too. Now you can easily add a video or image in your tweets. Tailoring twitter has also been fruitful change, where the big bosses finds it easy to attract their followers and give them the right feed, from time to time. Twitter with premium access has also come up, for the business marketing purpose. Recently, twitter came up with a brand new concept of voting. You can now buy twitter votes and make your twitter even more interactive and attractive for your followers. This is really a great job done from the twitter admin team, in order to provide excellent support for the users.

Get fan’s suggestions

This votes are extensively used in the twitter blogs now, especially to get proper suggestions from the followers. These days, followers’ wish is preferred the most. In the business world too, the follower’s wish is the primary thing. It has to be used properly in your business, especially in order to show how much you respect them. In such cases, the polling in twitter can be really outstanding solution. You can now buy twitter votes and make your followers absolutely astonished, that their words are the last word.

Twitter polls is the latest inclusion, made by the social network and has been one of the most popular tool among all. To get the best support from it just login to your profile and find the support, from it. It is the best solution to interact with your fans. So, keep yourself updated and find the accurate support from social media, in the way, you need it.