Online Price Comparison for Electronic Spares


Having a large database of valuable information and by creating a safe marketplace for electronic components, OEM Secrets allows buyers to find and compare electronic components prices and then purchase them directly from the manufacturer or distributor of choice, for free. In addition, sellers have the opportunity to connect to a large pool of customers by using OEM Secrets’ platform.

Simple, free and accessible to everyone, you can find different suppliers and the price they request for a certain electronic component. In addition, you can also see the cost per piece or cost per wholesale, depending on the type of purchase you need. As some distributors ask for a small price per unit while others have a smaller price if you buy a large quantity, you can opt for the best price ratio in order to purchase the amount of spare parts you require.

Comparing prices for electronic spare parts on OEM Secrets

OEM Secrets’ website is very easy to use. You can search for an electronic component by its serial number or you can go to their catalogue of electronic components and find what you were looking for there. Let’s say you want to purchase a certain type of regulator, say L4962A regulator, if you know the serial number you just type it in the search box and get directly to the page.

But what if you don’t know the exact code? In this case you click the catalogue tab, press the STMicroelectronics button and then choose from OEM Secrets’ online catalogue of products.

Whether you opt for the first type of search or would rather go through the catalogue, once you have found the electronic component you need, you can compare the prices, choose the manufacturer or distributor you want to purchase from and you are redirected to the seller’s website, on their basket page.

Apart from facilitating electronic spares price comparison for buyers, OEM Secrets also developed an online safe market place for companies to sell their products to consumers too. Any manufacturer and distributors, who wishes to have direct access to customers, can use the online platform to put their products on. And, as it is easy for buyers to purchase straight from the source, producers will also appreciate the fact that customers are being redirected to their own website and the buying process take place there.

There are many opportunities OEM Secrets created on the market of electronic components: from price comparison to thorough information on spares and from list of providers to direct sale, this platform eased the way people and companies buy and sell electronic parts online.

Benefit from this large database and find the best deal on the market for electronic components pieces.