Using a Mobile Signal Booster in the UK


Have you ever used a mobile phone and cursed what you felt was a poor signal? Perhaps a crackly call, poor call quality or even background noise? Well, the good news is – you need not suffer from these or other call signal problems again. The good news is, it’s perhaps just a poor quality of call signal, and the even better news is, you should be using a mobile signal booster in the UK.

Of course, mobile networks will claim to have terrific, almost 100% coverage, but that’s not the reason for poor signal quality. Environmental conditions, structures, distance from the nearest base station/cell tower, population density, network demand and many other factors can – and will affect – mobile signals.

This is why a mobile signal booster in the UK is almost necessary; not just because call quality is poor, but more so because almost everyone can benefit from using a mobile signal booster in the UK.

Is using a mobile signal booster in the UK not technically complex?

Let’s put this myth ‘to bed’ before we go any further. You don’t need to be some type of ‘radio ham’ or electrical engineer to install, and use, a mobile signal booster.

Let’s go a little further and explain how the system works, and then you will see how easy it is to install, almost anyone could do it.

Taking a typical mobile signal booster, something like those provided by UK Signal Boosters, often can be installed in a maximum of 15 minutes relatively easily.

Most mobile signal boosters in the UK are of a similar design, with an outdoor antenna being fixed in place for the best coverage, and then being connect by an (included) cable to the signal booster/repeater box inside the property.

Finally, a small antenna is connected to the repeater box, which is then plugged into the mains and all of sudden, any and all mobile signals are instantly boosted and improved!

What other benefits are there to using a mobile signal booster in the UK?

Of course, no more dropped calls is the obvious starting point. Following that, improved call quality, of  a ‘five bar signal strength (the highest strength there is) will immediately be recognised.

Mobile signal boosters can also be used in other properties than house, for example offices, hotels, boats and cars can also improve their reception with them.

Reputable mobile signal booster manufactures also offer money back guarantees and 2 year warranties, so confident are they in the provenance of their products.

Cross-network support is also given, that is, these mobile signal boosters work across a variety of bandwidths and with most UK network providers such as O2, Vodafone, GiffGaff Orange, Tesco Mobile, Talk Talk, Virgin Mobile, EE, Three and BT.

Conclusion: why would you not think about using a mobile signal booster in the UK?

Given the compelling range of evidence above, the question should not be why you wouldn’t use a mobile signal booster in the UK.

Rather, the questions should be can you really afford not to, and why haven’t you got a mobile signal booster already?