Wearable Technology & IoT Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry


Wearable technology began as sophisticated gadgets that could tell you how many calories you have burned or the miles you ran, and they quickly escalated that and are now having a positive impact on healthcare. People are using them to monitor health, especially when they have underlying conditions; this can help detect irregularities before they become large problems. It also can help patients follow their treatment. The benefits are not only limited to patients. They also benefit healthcare professionals because now they can properly monitor their patients and get a more accurate diagnosis thanks to the data.The wearable technology industry has a lot of potentials, and companies like JD Edwards ERP and developing new systems to transform the healthcare industry fully. Here are some of the biggest achievements of wearable technology & IoT in the healthcare industry.

Smart Glasses

Glasses now have more purposes than improve eye vision. Smart glasses can display information in real-time, and it is recommended for people who don’t always have access to computers. They can enhance healthcare professional performance and the quality of patient care.Smart glasses can be a helpful gadget in surgeries. Surgeons can see important information about the patients in real-time when they cannot access a computer, and there is a complication or another emergency during the surgery. They will as well improve the vision of surgeons during the procedure.Thanks to smart glasses, healthcare professionals will have easier access to telehealth. Now they can connect with patients without having a computer and accessing critical information when treating a bedside patient. Furthermore, besides helping patients, they can remotely assist other healthcare professionals and provide them support. Doctors can now use smart glasses to transcribe crucial clinical information from different visits while interacting with their patients.

Personal EKG Monitor

This is a portable device that has the ability to capture medical-grade EGK in just 30 seconds, anywhere, anytime. The process is simple, you need to put your finger on the sensor, and it will detect normal heart rhythm, bradycardia, tachycardia, and other heart rate conditions. The device is so small that you can easily carry it in your pocket, and no one will notice it. Additional benefits include being able to send the records to your doctor, receive a review by a board-certified cardiologist every 90 days as well as receive a monthly heart health report.

Smart Pills

One of the most significant challenges doctors face is to monitor the patients’ treatment and make sure they are taking their dosages at the right time. It is so easy to forget when you have to take the next pill, especially when you are a senior who has many chronic health conditions. Still, thanks to the smart pill, you have to swallow it and reacts to stomach acid to send an electric signal that will transmit to a skin patch, which will send a signal via Bluetooth to your phone to let it note that you have taken the pill or sends you an alert if you haven’t. Now healthcare professionals will know if you are taking the treatment regularly and will be able to make adjustments regarding the dosage if necessary.

Smart Bra

The smart bra has a system of embedded temperature sensors along with an algorithm and an app that is capable of detecting early breast cancer without using a mammogram. It looks like a sports bra and feels incredibly comfortable. The sensors are inside the fabric, and they can detect temperature changes and increased blood flow. It will correlate that information with the growth of cancerous tumors. It counts with wireless connectivity that links the data to the doctor’s phone. Right now, only doctors can use it in replace of mammography, but we hope that eventually it will available OTC and women can use it monthly to detect breast cancer instead of making an appointment and endure the discomfort of going through mammography.These are, for now, the most innovative achievements of wearable technology and IoT in the healthcare industry. They have so much potential and are making patients engage more with their health and have proactive healthcare. Wearable technology and IoT is changing things for both patients and healthcare professionals, so we can not long way to see the next inventions.