What are the best options for home car charging


Home Charging ServicesWith over 100,000 electric vehicles already on the road in the UK, and the ever-increasing unpopularity of diesel cars, it’s clear that electric cars are here to stay.

However, one reservation some potential electric car owners have is recharging. Although there’s a ready supply of electric car charging stations, it’s not always practical to keep having to drive to them.

So why not consider home car charging if you’ve an electric car? Imagine the convenience of charging your car whenever you need to, without spending time – or charge – driving miles to a charging point?

The good news is that not only can you have an electric charging points installed at your home, but you could receive a government subsidy too!

One of the best options for home car charging is an EO Charging Point, as they are intelligent, simple and reliable for the user.

EO Charging Points can be installed by Isoenergy to suit a range of situations, as home car charging options often depend on the electricity supply available.

Single-phase supply

With homes using a single-phase supply, a 3.7kW charge point can be installed, which will recharge a vehicle overnight. For faster charging, it could be possible to install a 7kW charger which will charge in half the time.

Three-phase supply

Home with three-phase electricity supplies have more options, such as ‘fast-charging’ which will recharge most cars to 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes.

Potentially overloaded electricity supply

If your electricity supply is already in heavy use, one option may be to install supply monitoring, to ensure it is never overloaded. Most electric cars also have an in-built time clock to enable charging at off-peak times and rates.

Security of home car charging points

Lockable charge points can be installed to prevent unauthorised usage. Meters can also be installed to accurately measure any electricity usage, which is ideal for company car users who may need to claim for the recharging.

Conclusion: EO Charging Points are your best options for home car charging

Of course, the best options for home car charging will depend on your own circumstances. Rest assured though, that by choosing an EO Charging Point you will be provided with a solution that suits your needs – be it electric supply available, security, warranty or even metering.

Electric cars are only to get more popular in the UK, and with this, there will be an abundance of low-quality and cheap car charging point installers looking to capitalise.

Why not consult the specialists in renewable energy solutions, and have one of the best home car charging points installed now, to suit exactly what you need?

Even better, with a government subsidy, choosing that quality provider and installer of your home car charging solution may not be as expensive as you may think.