What are the features offered by Velvetech?


Firstly, let us get to know some more about Velvetech. So, you must be wondering what it is? Basically, it is a software development company that is been serving their development skills to the people out there who have their startups and enterprises established. But if you intend on getting some detailed information about the same, then you do not have to worry. You can find everything that you want on their website velvetech.com.


They have been developing various software developments in various sectors and these include some of the ones mentioned below:

  • Telecommunications
  • Real estate business
  • Insurance firms
  • Transport companies
  • Services with respect to financial management
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational Institutes

How can software development be implemented?

Velvetech has rubrics and this helps in producing the custom developed software. Also, the rubric will consist of the pitch idea.

Furth on, after you have received the estimated quote, the customer can pitch in with all the requirements for the software and this is known as the development process. This includes the following things:

  • The design: the required module of the customers is being designed by the experts. This model is a prototype which can later be altered as per the requirements and needs of the customer.
  • Coding: the design plan needs to be accepted by the coding team and then accordingly they will be able to code in order to deploy the model. Then, this model which has been developed will be further passed on to QA.
  • Testing and QA: this team will go through all the analysis and make sure if the software is friendly to the user, will able to work in an efficient manner and is of good quality. But, in case they find some faults then it will be sent back to the developers. Then it is being passed to support.
  • Support: here, the group of professionals make sure that they provide support to the software so that they will be in a better position to execute the performance without any hassle.
  • The final launch: when every minute part of the developed software is without any fault, that is when the launch of the product will take place and it will be introduced out there in the market.

The features of Velvetech:

The solutions of web technology: they have a skilled team that executes all the planning, deploying, designing and much more with regards to the projects that are carried out on the platform of e-commerce.

The development of mobile applications: there are firms who hardly have any mobile applications. But with Velvetech, you will see a team of professionals that will help you in developing mobile application platforms and app that will further help you in benefiting through the mobile opportunities. The mobile development will include iOS application development, Android application, enterprise mobile app development, and Windows phone app development. In case you need any more assistance with respect to this then you are free to contact the company on their website.