Why Are VPNs Becoming So Popular?


VPNs are growing on people that are connecting to the internet regularly. In the past, most people were only concerned with anti-virus software and trojan detection, but these we are hearing of more people using VPNs on their laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones as well as having the software directly installed on their internet gateway.

The idea of a VPN is to create a secure connection from A to B. This is achieved using high-end security protocols that connect to a server that does all the internet surfing independent of the user’s device.

VPNs Are Very Useful for Public Networks

Public networks are often a target for those involved in identity theft. The networks are a hot spot for people connecting to WiFi in order to perform activities over the World Wide Web. This could be internet banking, PayPal transactions, cryptocurrency transactions, or something as simply accessing Google Play or the Apple Store.

With usernames and IDs floating across this public network, it makes it easy for a hacker to steal this type of data. There are several cases of fraud where people have bought expensive software, music, videos, and even managed to purchase merchandise as well as electronics by stealing people’s information over a public network, making an order using the ID captured and profiting from their hack.

Amazon account holders regularly report orders made from their account they never made, and the same applies to Apple Store and Google Play users.

Had these people been using a VPN on their device connecting to the public network, any browsing sessions opened will have been sent through an encrypted VPN tunnel to the VPN server. The VPN server would then connect to Apple Store, Amazon, Google Play on behalf of the user’s device. Any hacker that has penetrated the public network would not be able to see this data because it would be hidden in the secure encrypted VPN tunnel.

How Are Hackers Able to Penetrate Public Internet Connections?

Hackers don’t always have to find out the username and password of the public network. Some hackers work in IT and have access to these networks. They may even be paid for the information by a third party because the value of having access is worth far more than the investment made.

Once into the public network any sessions opened by a user connected to the public network can be seen on the router that connect to the internet. From here, anyone with access to the public network, it is just a matter of capturing the right information, decoding it using basic software and then from here they just have to make as many orders as possible.

Sometimes the user will notice someone making the order, and on other occasions they will miss it. The ones that miss the orders are the ones the hacker makes money from. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to know more about VPNs, try out was ist eine vpn verbindung web page. It is in German, so if you cannot read German, use Google Chrome, load the page, right click and select the option to translate to your native language. The information on this page about VPNs is some of the best we have found, and it will give you a good idea as to why VPNs are so useful.