A Short View On Yahoo Mail


Yahoo is an American multinational technology company having its headquarters in California. This yahoo has made so many divisions like yahoo mail, yahoo answers, yahoo groups, yahoo webpages and many more. It is considered as one of the best popular sites all over the world. It is an internet content, web portal and service provider. This is best known for their services and products. They make money by promoting advertisements in social network. Yahoo has set up a free service for the users and that is generally called as yahoo mail. It allows people to operate at free of cost with the access of the internet. Yahoo mail is considered as the third largest web based email and it is often used by the business people. Yahoo has become wide popular nowadays. Even the small children eagerly want to open and search for the yahoo answers. The answers provided by yahoo are simple and clearer and enables children to understand quickly. Many people have become fond of how to register in yahoo.

How To Create An Account

Creating an account in yahoo is as easier as 123. It just takes only two to three minutes. Like all other websites, first open the yahoo website. Open the yahoo website, click on registration option. Here there is an option of changing the language. And that option is located at the main menu of the website. Choose the language you are comfortable with. After selecting the language, press enter. A registration form will be preceded before you. Fill in the required details with your first and last name. Next, fill on the email address. Some email addresses will be used by other users. In that case, you will get a notification. And you have to change your email address.

The main important thing in creating an account is to provide a strong password. The password should contain alphabets, numbers and characters and symbols. After setting the password, you are asked to fill the phone number and your date of birth. After doing all this, a verification code would be sent to you on the above given mobile number. Enter that code in the box provided and check all the details you have entered are correct. After checking it, you have to accept the terms and conditions of the yahoo and click on create an account. Your yahoo account will be created. You can access your yahoo account by entering the email id and the password provided.