Which Online Services are Worth Your Buck


There are many fantastic things we can do on the internet today, such as streaming our favourite TV programs online, and playing multiplayer games, and there has never been a wider range of options of providers from which to choose from. They say nothing in life is ever free, but a lot of these providers work on a freemium model, which allows users to use their basic features for free, but also offers a premium account for users who want to access additional features. Others may offer a free trial, before giving the user payment options to continue using their service. Listed below are some examples of services that are offered with further discussion about whether they are quite worth the money.

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Online Streaming Platforms

Netflix and Amazon Prime are some of the most popular paid streaming channels these days, and appeals to viewers primarily for its large range of programs to choose from, as well as for the ease of streaming. On the other hand, there are many pirated websites from which one can also stream shows from, but for free, and the risks of these are cut when one uses a virtual private network to access these.

Online Storage Services

Services like Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive offer free online storage space on a cloud, but limits the amount of space you can get. With our increasing load of digital media and files, and the increasingly pressing need to update all our data, we often find ourselves needing a lot more space, and so it may be well worth the cost for those who have valuable data that they do not want to risk losing.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs can be incredibly useful for accessing websites and software that may not otherwise be available in our location for various reasons, but it is also integral for protecting our online activity from prying eyes. VPNs usually cost money but can be very well worth it, as a vpn gratis can pose several risks, such as being an untrustworthy provider. To learn more about whether you should use a free VPN or pay for it, vpn italia gratis provides some excellent advice when it comes to making the decision.

Stock Images

If you have a lot of use for stock images, such as if you work in graphic design or use alot of photography to market your product and service, websites such as Shutterstock provide a massive database of high-quality, beautiful photos, but at a price. There are other websites which provide stock images for free, such as Pixabay, but the options and photo subjects are nowhere quite as varied. One can also find photos that are free to use using the Google Search filter, but for someone who requires a lot of photos on a regular basis, particularly to gain a competitive advantage, then paying for a photo-sharing service is often a good idea.