Is Powerpoint Facing A Stiff Competition From Microsoft Sway

Competition From Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway has entered the multi-media scene and has impressed the young professionals profusely by offering cutting-edge tools. Recently Microsoft has launched Sway for use by everyone along with a brand new Windows10 desktop application meant for the product and also, a slew having novel features and methods of sharing stuff. Does that mean PowerPoint presentations would become a thing of the past? To know that we need to understand what Sway is all about.

Sway is called Digital Storytelling App, but it is pretty effective in creating and sharing presentations, assignments, interactive reports, projects, lessons and much more stuff relating to the web. You could even incorporate pictures, text and videos. You could use Sway in a wide variety of devices including tablets, phones, PCs, laptops etc.

How Does Sway Differ From PowerPoint?

Sway is actually useful in assisting you in coming up with a presentation with a professional polish and smart finish in a matter of a few minutes. It is supposed to be having a truly intelligent design engine that aids in creating a smooth layout with text, video, pictures, and some other media. Sway helps to make your presentation truly dynamic so that is appears to be attractive when viewed across all devices.

This implies that Sway is very much like PowerPoint but it does not come with the problem of determining where things need to be placed. According to some spokesperson of Microsoft, Sway is not here to replace or beat PowerPoint since it can be fruitful in creating other kinds of content namely manuals, newsletters, blogs, brochures and completely operational websites. Visit power slides for more information.

Sway is regarded as a digital storytelling app. It really implies that Sway is a publication software having multimedia features. However, sway is meant for the multi-media savvy and a young crowd. It offers the relatively younger enterprise workforce a set of advanced communication tools that are much more than simple PowerPoint presentation.

Sway Fast and Easy

Sway is said to integrate features from Moviemaker, PowerPoint and WordPress apart from some more. This enables individuals having limited multi-media skills to come up with a storyboard very fast. It can be used quite easily even by elderly people.

Communication and Collaboration Works

Sway is another instance of Microsoft’s basic market strategy of offering modern and young enterprise workforce with effective collaboration tools via Office 365. It is Microsoft’s vision that modern worker would be interacting with his work colleagues using digital technology. The capacity to communicate and collaborate is important because the modern workforce is spread out and mobile.

Microsoft is intricately associated with corporate culture. This is a strategy that has been designed for creating a brand and also an ecosystem that is identical to enterprise communication. Microsoft is following a sound strategy according to experts.

Sway and Creativity

It is believed that Sway would not be that successful in being an essential part of the enterprise coordination and collaboration plan. There is lack of creativity everywhere. It is believed Sway would need creative skill and genius. Creative skill is not common these days in many enterprises. After attending several meetings, and many weak PowerPoint presentations, it can be concluded that the majority of people are not creatively inclined. Sway has made an attempt to come out of this vicious cycle by coming up with effective tools for incorporating pictures as well as videos to the entire storytelling session. This however, does not guarantee that the workers would be encouraged to narrate the story effectively without using PowerPoint.

What is the Final Verdict? Sway or PowerPoint?

Sway and PowerPoint Can Exist Side by Side. There has been quite a lot of misinterpretation and misinformation about Microsoft’s new software being actually a substitute for PowerPoint. This is not true. Both have their own utilities. Sway is meant for situations in which you are willing to hand over control of decisions relating to design to the Sway design engine. Contrary to this, PowerPoint is meant for situations that need complete control over designing aspects for instance, adhering to corporate branding guidelines.

Sway is also used for much less formal circumstances for instance personal content sharing with friends, and family who wish to generate content easily without much design work. PowerPoint will carry on being the first choice for all sorts of corporate presentations or slidedocs. PowerPoint and Sway are here to stay. They will definitely carryon coexisting and used in different circumstances.