Microsoft Planning To Retrieve Its Empire With The Launch Of Windows 9


Sources have revealed that Microsoft is going to announce a new software very recently. It is to announce a novel version of the Windows OS in April 2015 in the BUILD conference. Introducing Windows 9 in the tech market will make Windows 8 redundant. Windows 8 OS, in that case, will have only 3 years of lifespan. However, the general opinion is change is necessary.

Microsoft is likely to retrieve its name and fame with Windows 9 OS. But how? Certain new implications are stated right here. Check it out…

Fixing resolution scaling

Revolution took place all over the PC market when companies competed to offer newer high resolution displays. Each company intended to outdo the other with their striking HD resolutions. Windows has let the new monitors and PCs down because of its inability to scale properly. To combat this issue, Microsoft has to introduce graphics with higher resolution for desktop interface. It also needs to check the scaling algorithm and add more varieties of scaling preset so that icons are better visible. These features will soon roll out with Windows 9.

Microsoft is Likely to Bring a revolutionary Change with Its New Windows Version

Splitting Windows

Once, Microsoft decided to split Windows 8 and Windows RT into two separate operating systems. The idea was perfect, but the problem was with the process of its execution. Windows 8 focused on the touch functionality which was not really appreciated by the consumers. The touch interface seemed unnecessary for some, and it created a disaster ruining Windows 8 together with Microsoft brand name.

Windows should have a series of operating systems instead of one compromise. Each of these OS should have a specific purpose and developers should be able to port between them with minimum effort. This might be a complex approach, but it will make Windows competitive and challenging over tablets, laptops and desktops.

Making the App Store Better

Microsoft app store has been quite popular amongst the users since a long time. Since developers could not make much finance from it, there are apps of lesser use. As a result, lesser number of people used the apps. Windows 8 OS had many unreliable apps and Microsoft made a very little effort to discard these apps from the store. There were semi-adult apps and also apps of low credibility. To solve this issue, now Microsoft has to become more active and expand promotion and curation to highlight apps of high credibility.

With Windows 9, the app store is expected to get relaunched. Microsoft should desperately make use of this opportunity.

Lowering the Price

Few years back, Microsoft had monopoly business in OS market. It had no competitor to challenge it, and so, Windows was sold at quite a high price to consumers as well as manufacturers. But time has changed now and people have more alternatives in operating systems now. Presently, users can choose iOS, Android or Mac OS X as their new OS. However, older version of Windows, Windows XP, has greater popularity than Windows 8 in the market.

The current market trend suggests that Microsoft should drop the price of its new OS version to a tolerable price so that consumers are tempted to grab this latest version.

Thus, it is said that, with Windows 9, Microsoft is willing to resolve some of the issues it faced previously. It is trying to revamp the OS to regain its lost name.