Apple Let You Delete The Default Applications In IOS


Tim Cook has attended an interview on the TV show “The Late Show”, in which they asked him several things from his private life, including your opinion about the films of Steve Jobs, to the which by the way is displeased, to over mannerisms issues like iOS and the products recently presented at the Keynote of last week.

Of everything that was said during the program interesting for those who have an iPhone information, an iPad or iPod Touch full of applications that Apple has been commissioned to install in all our devices revealed, sometimes being just a dead weight because not all applications are useful to us.

Apple apparently knows and is aware that being able to remove default applications is one of the demands of the public and Tim Cook says already working on a solution, although it is not easy:

“This is m ore complex than meets the eye. There are some apps that is linked an some functions basic on the iPhone. If you could erase Ian cause problems in the system. There are other applications that do not cause these problems Ian. “

It is clear that Apple has been concerned to provide all necessary tools to their devices, but rather for many have become completely unnecessary. Of course not everyone has the same needs and some use more certain applications than others, but Cook agrees that now there are applications that are not completely necessary. In my opinion some of them could be Bolsa, Tips and Kiosk.

“Over time, I think that for those that are not essential, will find a way to eliminate them. We do not want to force you to have something you want. We want you to be happy. I recognize that some users want to achieve this, and it’s something we’re looking at.”

So hopefully soon see running this option, you go to receive an enthusiastic response from iOS users who want to free up space both in its list of applications, and your device.