Accessories And Designer Chic, But Not Only, For The Tablet Cover ADJ Supra


Several times we took care of clothes for tablet signed by the major Italian fashion brands, whose fame knows no boundaries. Gucci, Armani, Fendi and company have dealt with the issue of the enclosures, but they are not alone.

Have accessories and chic designer is a legitimate user of technology, especially when you do not have to deal with the economic hardships of the period.

Not always, though, you have “gutted” to have something that allows to distinguish. And ‘the case of enclosures for tablet ADJ Supra able to add notes to the device class.

With this dress, the instrument is working as a “luxury” accessible, earning a quality image, allows you to go out with style out from the notes of anonymity.

The graphic purity is his strong point, because it was obtained in a canvas extremely functional. Suffice it to say that the rigid section and movable positioned in the back allows the rotation of the tablet in both vertical and horizontal, thus becoming a stable and secure, to use the device in any situation. Nothing revolutionary, but the way in which this case black faux leather combines the aesthetic with the practical is happy, especially taking into account the particular price range.

The convenient folding opening protects the display against drops and scratches as possible. Elegant and pleasing, at least from my point of view, the proposals ADJ Supra are very light and are offered in various sizes. Here is the expenditure to be incurred for each variant:

ADJ Supra 7″ is available at the price of 14,90 € VAT included
ADJ Supra 9.7″ is available at the price of 19,90 € VAT included
ADJ Supra 10.1″ is available at the price of 19,90 € VAT included